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That's a pretty bold claim, but we believe it's true.

There are plenty of Perth fishing charters that have bigger boats and provide their clients with breakfast and lunch, but do they actually catch quality fish?


Shikari is a no-nonsense charter with a single focus: putting clients onto quality fish!

Our smaller charter boat is an advantage: it means you aren't competing against 15-20 people for the same fish, 5-7 people is our average.

Don't take our word for it, speak to the owner of any renown Perth tackle store and ask about Shikari's and Allan's reputation.​

Perth's Best Fishing Charter

Shikari Fishing Charters: Perth pink snapper
Half Day Charters

Join us for a Perth Pink Snapper bash out behind or around Garden and Rottnest Island.Departing from Fremantle, returning before lunch.

Full Day Charters

Samsonfish jigging is our speciality. However, there are plenty of options during a full day fishing charter. Departing from Fremantle, returning in the early afternoon.

Meet the Skipper

One of the pioneers that established the Samson Jigging fishery, Allan Bevan is a well-respected figure in the WA angling scene.

Shikari Charters: high quality fishing tackle



Forget the handlines and inferior tackle most charters provide their clients. When you are hunting the monsters of the deep you need high-quality tackle. Shikari provides some of the best tackle money can buy, including Shimano Stellas and Daiwa Saltigas.

High-Quality Tackle

Perth Fishing Charter: Shikari Charters: Pink snapper caught on a jig

Perth offers some world class fishing for those that know where to find the fish. Whilst catching can't be guaranteed, Shikari will go the extra mile to get clients onto fish. Don't waste your time on fishing charters that will stay on-top of "barren ground" drift after drift to save fuel! Allan is prepared to move to find hungry fish.


Catering to serious Fishos

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