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Half-day Fishing Charter

Inshore fishing for pink snapper and other demersal fish.


If you are a "bait fisho"come aboard Shikari Charters and prepare to be amazed at the willingness of pink snapper to take artificials when the conditions are right. We will teach you how to fish a range of soft plastics and if you are experienced you can even try jigs, fly and sinking stick baits! Quite often we find artificials out fish bait and account for the larger pink snapper, while anglers using baits are harassed by the smaller fish. Don't forget to check out our gallery to see some of the amazing pink snapper that have been caught aboard Shikari.



Departing Fremantle Boat Harbour prior to sunrise, returning before lunch time.

BYO Food & alcohol (Water provided)

Rod & Reel provided

Bait & soft plastics and terminal tackle provided


$200 per person

Full-day Fishing Charter

A combination of onshore and/or offshore fishing options:

Inshore pink snapper & demersal fish.

Offshore jigging for Samson fish (seasonal)

Pelagics at FADs (seasonal)

Trolling for Spanish mackerel (seasonal)


November to December to the prime time to try samson jigging for a chance to play tug-of-war with one of the toughest fish in the sea seriola hippos. During this time of the year samson fish congregate in large numbers off our coast forming massive schools of 20+kg fish. Allan is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of this fishery and has been taking tackle development teams from some of the largest tackle brands in the world out to test their gear against our "sambos". Samson jigging is not for the faint-hearted and anglers should ideally be in good physical shape. High-end heavy spin tackle is required to bring these fish up quickly so that they are in good condition to be released. 


Having 20yrs+ of samson jigging experience has it's advantages. Unlike many other charters which fish the same well-known aggregations, Shikari fishes it's own secret spots away from the masses. This means less competition and bigger fish! Once again, check out our gallery to see some of the impressive XXXL samson fish landed on Shikari.



Departing Fremantle Boat Harbour prior to sunrise, returning early-mid afternoon.

BYO Food & alcohol (Water provided)

Rod & Reel provided

Bait & soft plastics and terminal tackle provided

First jig provided


$300 per person


Pink snapper caught on fly gear

Are you an experienced angler that finds catching pink snapper on bait and soft plastics too easy? Try nailing one on fly!

Best Perth Fishing Charter: Shikari: Samsonfish XXXL

No other Perth fishing charter specialises in jigging XXXL samson fish like Shikari.

What to bring & wear

Appropriate footwear (no thongs or bare feet)

For your own safety, we insist on enclosed, non-slip footwear. At times there are hooks, knives, gaffs, and sharp teeth on deck. The risks are increased when there are multiple fish being landed simultaneously!  At times the decks maybe damp/wet, so shoes with good grip are also a necessity for maintaining your balance.



Because you will want to brag about your catch and make your friend envious!


Sunnies & Suncream vs Beanie and Raincoat

Please check the forecast and dress appropriately. We head out year-round when it is safe.


Seasickness medication

No one likes being stuck out at sea feeling seasick. There are numerous over-the-counter preparations which are effective, but it is often a process of trial-and-error to find out what works best for you. For more info.


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