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"Fishing for me started at a young age when my grandfather would take me to a jetty to fish for herring. These days the humble herring is more likely to be caught by me for live bait or strip bait, for some of the prime eating fish that we can fish for off the West Australian coast, especially dhu-fish. I have evolved from a jetty rat, through small boats, trailer boats, and the Royal Australian Navy to the present time where I own and operate Shikari Charters, a charter vessel based out of Fremantle. " -Allan Bevan


Allan is an active member of the WA Fishing community who is passionate about catch care and preservation of fish stocks for future generations. As one of the pioneers of Fremantle's samson-fish jigging fishery, he was actively involved in the Department of Fisheries research into the management and monitoring of these aggregations and the establishment of protocols to ensure the fisheries' sustainability. He has also served on the RecfishWest board from 2001-2007.

Allan takes pride in proper catch care and ensures any fish with the intention of being kept are dispatched with quickly and humanely by ikijime before being placed on ice. This Japanese method causes instant brain death with the lowest levels of stress and highest quality fish product compared to all other methods. It achieves this by drastically reducing: the amount time the fish is stressed, lactic acidosis, and bruising from thrashing around. Of course, customers also have the option of practising "catch and release" if they prefer.


Safety is also paramount on Shikari, ensuring customers will return home safely. Allan holds a Master Class V (trading) certification in maritime operations. He operates Shikari charters from his 12m vessel and is available to skipper vessels up to 24m. He is also certified in senior first aid.




Meet the skipper

IGFA Capt. Allan Bevan hold a ripper pink snapper caught on fly.
Capt. Allan Bevan
Skipper of Shikari Charters
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